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Communication is important to interact and contribute to our school community. The following are our mailing list groups if you provide us with your mobile number we will send you occasions text messages. If you can volunteer for the P&C great, however you do not have to attend meetings nor devote your time to be a valued member. We welcome all involvement; receiving our messages, attending our events, contributing to our working groups or donating your professional services.

Consider the following scenarios:
  • Jane: I have a child at the school, but I am very busy. I don't have time to attend meetings nor volunteer my time. But my boss is happy for me to do side projects for the school, even within work time.
    Jane signs up for the Volunteer Group and the Notifications Group, she didn't need to become a member but she is most welcome to!
  • Hans: I am really passionate about the update to the Uniform Policy. I'm really busy and can only focus on one aspect of the school at one time - so not really interested in the P&C, volunteering or much else in the school. 
    Hans signs up for Uniform Working Group notifications only. 
  • Mary: I really want to be involved in the school. I work full time but I have management skills that I think could help I'm happy to come along to monthly meetings and connect with the other parents and teachers.
    Mary signs up to all Groups, becomes a member, puts her name forward for an Executive Committee Role (Vice President) and takes on the non-executive fundraising key person role. 
  • Tarique: I work part time and would love to help out, not really interested in being in any high level role but occasionally seeing what goes on at P&C meetings could be enlightening!
    Tarique starts to help out in the Tuckshop one day a week, and signs up for Notifications and Volunteer groups. 
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If you are not a parent/caregiver for a current student at the school, you will require a Blue Card
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